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The job is the most important part of our lives. We all work hard to earn a living. Spending time at work occupies a major part of our life. It’s the work that we do that makes and breaks us. But it’s the work involved in industries takes a major toll on industrial workers health. The working condition in Industries affects the people working there. Industrial working conditions can take a major toll on the workers’ health making them prone to many accidents at work. For people working in warehouses, factories or construction sites it is important they are covered by appropriate insurance policies provided by their employers or third parties.

Industrial Accident Injury Claim

Industrial Accident Claim

Laws protect you

Health and Safety regulations, employers are bound by laws to ensure reasonable steps are taken to provide employees safe working conditions. Based on the industry type the employees need to be trained on safety and handling of machinery and equipment. But working in some industries is a dangerous task. Most of the reported occupation accidents are cases of industrial accidents. This is why employees need to know what their rights are to file an accident claim. Accidents at work for industry workers can be because of faulty machinery, working with asbestos, chemicals, or elements that have adverse effects in the long run. The industrial accident is to cover the employees working in industries against accidents at work. They are covered under schemes that take care of claim their total wages lost due to absence from work because of injuries. Recovery from injuries takes time, this is it is essential that the industrial accident claim covers the employees from such risks. Also, compensation needs to be paid if the worker loses his job due to the accident. The cost incurred for medical treatment and physiotherapy if required is covered under the industrial accident claim.

Claiming is your right

Basically occupation accident claims in place for employees working in industries, and for an employee who meets with an accident at such workplace because the employer was negligent towards his statutory duties. Important things to remember while filing an industrial accident claim are,

  1. Someone should be partly at fault due to whose negligence; the claimant was injured in the accident.
  2. The accident that took place should not be more than 3 years old.
  3. A person who suffers from industrial diseases because of continuous exposure to elements at work. And the industrial diseases that become apparent after a few years of working are also covered can also be claimed.

Some employees fear the impact of filing an accident claim against the employer. They worry about losing their job because of such claims. Legally it is every employee’s right to be compensated for injury due to accidents at work. If the company has gone out of business the employer’s insurance company is liable to pay the compensation to the injured person in case of an industrial disease which has become apparent after several years. Note that industrial diseases are an exception to the rules of filing a claim within 3 years.

November 28, 2017

Industrial Accident Claim

The job is the most important part of our lives. We all work hard to earn a living. Spending time at work occupies a major part […]