Pedestrian is a person who walks on the streets. Pedestrians put themselves in great danger when they close to walk alongside a road or a busy neighbourhood. In America, a lot of people chose to walk. This makes them vulnerable to accidents caused by the negligence of drivers. Even if a pedestrian is waiting at a signal or stays on the sidewalk, they are still vulnerable to road accidents. Most of the pedestrian accidents are a result of inattentiveness of an automobile or motorcycle driver. Common causes of automobile inattentiveness are talking on a cell phone, applying makeup, eating while driving, programming a GPS, etc. Sometimes a driver can be in confusion especially when he is new to a place or when the one-way street is involved. Pedestrians can meet with road accidents in busy cities where traffic is a major problem. Pedestrians are vulnerable to accidents on traffic-laden streets as drivers get involved in unlawful road activities. Skipping signals or unlawful turnings in such areas become prime reasons for pedestrian accidents.

Pedestrian Accident Claim

Pedestrian Car Accident Claim

When pedestrians meet with accidents on roads which lead to personal injuries, they have the right to file for a pedestrian accident claim. This claim helps the pedestrians to recover losses borne by them due to a road accident. Sometimes pedestrians suffer lifelong injuries because of the accident. It can lead to them losing their jobs or they are unable to perform some tasks because of the physical injury. The negligent automobile driver is liable to pay compensation the injured person under the pedestrian accident claim. The driver’s insurers pay the person injured a compensation for the costs incurred in medical treatments, physiotherapy, loss of income, etc. If the accident was fatal, then all compensation involved under fatal accidents claim is to be paid for by the driver’s insurers.

Practice law

As a pedestrian, you need to practice safety at all times when you take the sidewalk. It is important to not cross intersections when the “walk” signal is not ON. A pedestrian is responsible for his injuries if they ignore signals or if they dart in front of a vehicle. A pedestrian needs to wear reflective gear at night and not disrupt the flow of traffic. Whatever be the case, if you are the person injured in a road accident you should contact a pedestrian accident claim solicitor at the earliest.Pedestrian accident claim should be filed at the earliest to avoid any discrepancies in claiming the amount of settlement. Also the earlier you apply; you have the benefit of keeping a record of medical bills, physiotherapy, witness reports and police reports. With pedestrian accident claim you can recover the cost of treatments and recovery borne by if you have been a victim of a road accident. Pedestrians are responsible for their own safety and they need to follow safety laws pertaining to roads. Walking for social or work purposes is a great exercise, but it is important that you as a pedestrian know your right under both federal and state laws for serious injury